What is in your closet, attic, basement or yard?????

According to Pat and Dick Millar,  these arrowheads were found while plowing an alfalfa field.   The land, on Hillsdale Road and Route 138 was purchased by the House family in 1912, when they moved from Chatham, Connecticut.   Pat’s mother. Eleanor House, grew up on that farm and later married Earl Smith, whose family moved  from Providence in 1911, to a farm further up on Hillsdale.

According to James Turak, chairman on the Richmond Conservation Commission, an archeologist,  from viewing the photo, has provided a preliminary description of the arrowheads:

The top left point is a quartzite Squibnocket Triangle-Late Archaic- 5,000- 3,000 years old.
Top middle is a quartz Squibnocket stemmed point.  Also Late Archaic- 5,000-3,000 years.
Top right is possibly a quartzite  Wading River point.  Late Archaic to Woodland- 4,000- 2,500 years.
Bottom left is a rhyolite Otter Creek style scraping tool/ knife.  Late Archaic- 6,000-5,000 years.
Bottom middle is a rhyolite Lamoka point.  Late Archaic – 5,000-3,000 years. Relatively scarce in this area- many more in New York.
Bottom right is  rhyolite Otter Creek projectile point.  Late Archaic -6,000- 5,000 years.

The Conservation Commission is presently working on information plaques to be placed along the Richmond Heritage Trail and are considering including photos of these arrowheads.

We welcome sharing items such as this, and other things in our collection, along with their story.