Safe cracker?

For many years we wondered exactly what was inside the safe located at the Clerk’s Office in Carolina.  The safe dates back to 1882 and the treasure it contains is its interior structure.  The mystery was solved thanks to a local locksmith, Thomas King (

20180710_145507 (1)


A history buff, we look forward to him sharing the historical artifacts he has collected, along with perhaps some anecdotes involving his business.



Recent Acquisions

We recently  received two donation from members.  The first, from a long time member, Roberta Whelan, a Webster’s Dictionary, published in 1937.   This  belonged to her mother, Mary (Taber) McCutcheon, who taught school for many years in Quebec, Canada.

Dictionary Donation 2018.4.

Roberta requested the dictionary be displayed at the Bell School, where it is now located:


The second acquisition is from a new member, Mark Trimmer, who is also a member of the Varnum Continentals (  According to Mark, they are a “private group and own/ maintain an historical mansion (that was once General Varnum’s…home) and an Armory with a comprehensive museum”.  Five display cases from the museum were donated to us:

After a coat of paint, they will soon be ready to hold some of the treasures from our Archives.