This memo best describes what we do in the Archives:

Project Name: Keeping Track of Time

Project Description:
The Richmond Historical Society was established in 1968 for the purpose of preserving
the living history of the town of Richmond, Rhode Island.
From its inception in 1968 to the present, the Society served as a repository for town
related memorabilia donated by its members and friends. These items ranged from
school books to enamel milk pails to photographs to newspapers to textiles. These things
have been stored in random boxes and bags and trunks in various members’ homes, a
damp Town Hall Basement, and Bell School House, a Society property dating from 1826.
In the early 1980s an agreement was reached with the Board of Trustees of the local
library to share non-public access space as a repository for RHS properties. Many items
had already been assigned accession numbers, but were never catalogued. A 3 x 5 card
cataloging system was introduced and the items began to be categorized, catalogued,
placed in appropriate archival containers, and placed in climatically controlled storage
from which they could be readily retrieved for research and/or display purposes. New
opportunities for project enhancement occurred in 2009 with the introduction of a
computer and the Past Perfect record keeping program. We are are especially careful of
our early local newspaper collection.
Our needs for continuing this work include protective packaging and storage materials.
Printing paper and printer ink enhance creating captions and reproduction of fragile
materials for educational display purposes. We use metal edged newspaper boxes of
varying sizes, metal edged document flip lid boxes, acid free tissue, buffered tissue for
use with textiles, polyethylene for creating custom sleeves for maps, posters, and full sheet newspaper items.

We continue to update out collection and welcome donations of items pertaining to the Town of Richmond and its’ inhabitants.

Pat Millar, Archivist

Pat Millar, Archivist

Pat Millar working in the archives 2003

In 2003 while architects were taking photographs at Clark Library,  they captured Pat Millar working in the Archives, in our loft area.


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