Warrants (1700-1775)

The following are examples of some Warrants  in our collection dating from 1700-1775:

  • Thankful Howard
  • Town meeting
  • Summon Samuel Wafton to appear before Council
  • Thomas Browning and his wife to depart from Richmond
  • Town meeting to elect Deputies Representatives to sit in the General Assembly
  • Warn of departure to Martha Cobb
  • Stephen Richmond to report as overseer of the poor
  • Departure from Town
  • Deliver Jeremiah Allen & family and Edward Willcox & family out of Town
  • Notice to appear before Town Council
  • George Halloway to answer questions about his brother having small pox
  • Take Mereby Albon to South Kingstown
  • Card Foster and Jonathan Maxson regarding the estate of John Foster
  • Town meeting to draw names for a jurors
  • Bring Stephen Larkin, James Harvey, and James Smith before Council
  • Elect Deputies Representatives to sit in the General Assembly
  • Bring one Scranton before Council
  • Town meeting to draw names for the jurors
  • Bring sundry persons before Council
  • George Tarmer to appear before Council
  • Transport of James Smith and family
  • (2 warrants): Benjamin Lillibridge and Benjamin Gardner to depart Richmond
  • Transport Hannah Cooner to Exeter
  • Bring James Smith before Council
  • Petition for a new highway to border Richmond and Hopkinton
  • Sarah Pooler to Hopkinton
  • Appointment of guardians for minor sons of James Wilcox(deceased)
  • Samuel Bailey requests to reside in Town
  • Bring Abigail Lawton before Council
  • Take Mary Manchester into custody
  • Warn Mary Granger to depart the Town
  • Ezekial Barber and his wife Hannah summoned to appear before Council
  • Remove Bathsheba Bifsal to North Kingstown
  • Tax Rate Bills (1754-1884)

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