New Acquisitions

245 Deeds, Leases, Bills of Sale, Mortgages and other documents of that nature, were  added to our archives from the Town of Richmond, last year . These are a real treasure as they not only provide us with names of residents, but also information concerning property boundaries, agreements concerning placement of fences, types of personal property (hay, animals, etc.) being bought and sold, and other occurrences of the daily lives of the people of Richmond.

We wanted to share an anecdote about one of the items we received.   Slowly we accessioned (cataloged) these items and added them to our collection.  We then posted them in the Current News section of our website under Additions to Our Archives.  In December of 2015 one addition,  a book titled: Annual Report of the Adjutant General (1865), was being worked on.  It was one of a two-volume series.  What’s amazing is that we are now in possession of both volumes!  They actually cover 1861-1865, which is the Civil War Period.   As we were trying to figure out where to store the newest acquisition, we spotted it’s mate, sitting on a shelf.  That addition was acquired and accessioned in 1970.  Amazing!

A link to a PDF Document, which is the “key” to these documents, and includes dates, the nature of the document, and names of those involved may be viewed on this site under Genealogy, Names from Deed 1807-1937.