The Marcus Whitford Collection

We are fortunate to have an extensive collection of meticulously kept records, which belonged to  Marcus Whitford.   This consists of  genealogical information, photographs, letters, books, manuals, and reports.   The Collection, which spans his entire lifetime(1900-1992), not only provides a personal  record, but also military and historical data.


Marcus L. Whitford  spent the majority of his life (1916-1962) in the employment of the United States Navy.   He was raised in the Tug Hollow section of Richmond and attended Bell School.  This one room school house is now owned, and operated as a museum, by the Richmond Historical Society.

Not only did he earn a law degree from the Brooklyn Law School at Columbia University, but he also achieved the rank of Captain.  He served as Commander-in-Chief of the US Atlantic Fleet during World War II and was directly involved in many of the Pacific invasions and occupations.    During his career he received many Commendations and Service Medals.

The final years of his military career were spent as the Assistant Coordinator of the Federal Voting Assistance Program, Office of the Secretary of Defense.  While in this position he influenced initiating write-in voting rights for servicemen stationed overseas.

Additionally the Governor of the State of Rhode Island declared February 11, 1984,  Captain Marcus Leonard Whitford Day.


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