Cemeteries: A constant labor of………

Dory Wagner, our local cemetery expert, (member of the Rhode Island Historic Cemetery Committee and our Society) is not deterred by the weather in working on the 93 historic cemeteries in Richmond.  She, along with other volunteers, fight the ongoing battle of keeping them clear of brush.

This was also the case in 1971 when 7 boys, aged between 6 and 10 years old,  who lived in the Village of Alton, decided to clean out an old cemetery:

Alton Youths Clean Cemetery

Dory and our modern volunteers now have new safety clothes, which  were issued, as both identification and to be easily observed by hunters:

Gear for exploration

Dory reports that signs have been installed in all the known Richmond historic cemeteries.  There are exceptions, of course, and  several property owners refused signs, as they do not wish people trespassing  to view the cemeteries located there on their property.

10 cemeteries are still listed as “not found”.  However, recently Dory discovered Baker Pine Cemetery #72, which contains approximately 30 graves.  She placed orange flags at each gravestone until she can get an accurate count.

Baker Pines Cemetery #72 (1)

We never figured out who E.J. and M.J. were at Cemetery #87, but for the moment we can add W.H.B, M.J.B., and W.M.B. at Cemetery #72, to the list of unknowns.

Baker Pines Cemetery #72 (2)


Dory’s  brochure of Richmond historic cemetery hikes is near completion.  She  intends to lead her first hike sometime in April, 2018.


For information on Richmond Historical Cemetery #32: see What is Richmond/Town of Many Villages/Shannock.

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