What’s new??????

2018 brought with it freezing temperatures.  Highs in the teens.  Snow and ice.  We looked forward to balmy 30!  This past winter it was too cold to go outside, so that was the time to work on the website.  It is now warmer and outdoor chores  are calling.

There were, and still are,  lots of ideas for additions to the website.  It is just a matter of taking the time to scan the information and decide where to put it.  We will try to meet the challenge.

Over the years we have acquired a large number of items from the Town of Richmond.  Newer documents were accessioned and are listed under the caption “Current News/Projects”.  There are links in some of the other captions, such as “Genealogy” that provide complete indexes.

As we receive a variety of requests  for information, we list these under both Genealogy and Archives.

Whether the topic concerns genealogy, street names, local organizations, or ideas to improve our web site;  all questions are welcome.