In order to better share our resources with you, here are the names of ancestors most recently requested:

  • Clarke, Weeden and Thankful
  • Green, Benjamin F.
  • Daniels, Horace
  • Potter, Jonathan
  • Williams, Margaret (Healey)
  • Clarke, Halsey
  • Barber, Oscar
  • Kenyon, Dr. Frances
  • Clark, Charles
  • Clark, Simon P.
  • Stafford, Andrew and Rachel
  • Maxon, William W.
  • Whitford, Edwin Arthur
  • Franklin, Horace
  • Franklin, Silas
  • Lewis, Benoni
  • Lewis, Solomon
  • Myers, Oliver Sr.
  • Record, Comfort
  • Record, Joseph Sheffield
  • Potter, Albert S.
  • Minter/Mintour/Minthorn, Jonas
  • Barber, Martha
  • Scudder, James and Vetta
  • Hoxie, Joseph and Deborah (Babcock)
  • Valet (Vallet, Vallett) family
  • William LaFountain, Sr.
  •  Burdick Family
  • Samuel Barber (dob 1723)
  • Benjamin Barber (dob 1762)
  • Tefft, William
  • Gobielle, Alfred, Ruth, and Beverly
  • The Knerr family
  • Judd, Benjamin
  • Jenkes, Emeline
  • Jenkes, Maribeth
  • Phelps, George
  • Ledingham, George
  • Mooney, Mary
  • Johnson, Mary Ella
  • Johnson, Edmund
  • Johnson, Gideon
  • Harvey, William J. and Mary Zeller
  • Braydon
  • Murtagh, James


  • If you have information on any of these people, please share it with us so we can pass it along.

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