Daniel R. James

Daniel R. James was born in Providence, Rhode Island, January 6, 1886. His parents were John L. and Sarah B. (Kenyon) James. “They moved to Wyoming in the Town of Richmond in 1930. Dan almost immediately took an interest in town politics and its history. He served on the Richmond Town Council in the 1930s and State senator for six years in the 1930s and 1940s. For many years he was on the Richmond Republican Town Committee, and in 1952 was elected to the board of tax assessors and served until 1948. He was superintendent of the Wood River Cemetery for almost 40 years during which time he spent many hours walking the woods of Richmond, looking for hidden headstones and neglected cemeteries. He was a founding member of the Richmond Historical Society and served as its honorary president until his death in 1969. Two houses on the river’s edge opposite Wyoming  Fruit and Vegetable Stand belonged to Dan James. One house being renovated, has been idle since the day his wife, Marie Viola Lord died in August 1947.” (*see Archives/Wedding Gowns)