Dr. Edwin Anthony

Dr. Edwin Anthony (1821-1869) was born in the Village of Usquepaugh.  This is located in the western part of Richmond.  The Queens River runs through it, separating Richmond from the town of Charlestown.

Edwin was the son of Dr. Israel and Ann (Ennis) Anthony. Dr. Israel Anthony (1790-1867), was the son of Dr. Jonathan Anthony and born in Foster, R . I .   He studied medicine in Providence, and after graduation in 1819, he began his practice in Usquepaugh and continued until his death. His sister, Sarah was married to Dr. Nathan Knight, 1777-1847, who practiced medicine in Usquepaugh for more than thirty years. The Anthony doctors and their families are buried in Queen’s River Cemetery.

Edwin  was a graduate of Harvard Medical School.  In 1840 he married Mary E. Perkins and together they had four children; Sarah M. who married George A. Arnold in 1866, Annie, Emily J . , and Edwin P. Anthony.  The doctor built a house  in Usquepaugh after buying two and three fourths acres from his father in 1853 for $200. The property
remained in the Anthony family until 1921, then changed hands several times until it was purchased by Herbert and Virginia Arnold in 1945.

In 1845, Dr. Anthony was appointed by the Richmond Town Council to treat Council member Ezekiel B. Philips for small pox. (*see Can You Help/Why is ????street named ????/Small Pox Trail)

“It is known that Dr. Anthony had an extensive practice covering a wide area. He visited his patients by horseback, carrying medicine in saddle bags. It is not known, to present occupants, which room in the house was his office but medicines were believed to have been kept in a glass doored cabinet in the kitchen. He willed his medical books, surgical
equipment and desk to his son. The house and property were left to his