From the militia until ?????

People serve in different ways.   Some participate directly and others tell their stories.

World War II

Richmond resident, former Marine, and a member of the Air National Guard, Tom Pirnie is passionate about World War II.  In 1990, after two years, he completed his book recounting the stories of Rhode Islanders who participated in the Battle of the Bulge.


In 1963, twenty-one years after her nightmare began, Judith Sternberg Newman published her memoir, In the Hell of Auschwitz.    In commemoration of a third printing, in December 1991, the Westerly Sun ran her story under the title: Auschwitz survivor’s memoirs keep history alive”.  

Judith Newman

Judith passed quite a few years ago, however her son Stephen still resides at the egg farm.  See: What is Richmond/Richmond:A Town of Many Villages/West Kingstown


Paul, Sharmin, Dennis, and Wilson Noka, Jr., in 1978, were recognized for their good deed in returning a valuable radio, which belonged to, and was stolen from, the Alton Fire Chief’s vehicle:

Alton children do good deed


In 1994 Arthur Hannuksela  received his Purple Heart.  This is the story, with photos, in the Chariho Times, March 31, 1994: