Punchbowl Trail

In 2014 we had a request asking how Punchbowl Trail got it’s name.  According to Eleanor and Earl Smith, who authored the section of our book: Driftways into the Past:

“About one-half mile south of the village, forty feet to the left, off Hillsdale Road, rests the stone foundation of an old schoolhouse. Some searching among the encroaching grasses will reveal the shape of the entire building. Officially named Hillsdale School District No. 12, it was affectionately called Punchbowl Academy. Punchbowl refers to the great deep round hole about fifty feet south of the schoolhouse, to the right of and very close to the road.  This was known by both names of Indian Punchbowl and Devil’s Punchbowl.”

A link to the description of a 1975 field trip to Punchbowl Trail is located under the heading “About”, “Field Trips”