Small Pox Trail

There are a couple of versions as to how Small Pox Trail, located off Kingstown Road (Route 138), got its name. The road appears on an 1812 map.   All refer to the disease.

One states that a family that lived at the intersection of Small Pox and Punchbowl Trails were all stricken with and perished from the disease.  The house was ultimately burned to curtail the spread of the disease, but a foundation remains. (*see Field Trip to Small Pox Corners)

The second involves Dr. Edwin Anthony (*see Genealogy/Persons of Interest).

At a special meeting of the Richmond Town Council on April 28, 1845, Dr. Edwin Anthony was appointed to attend Ezekiel B. Phillips, a council member, who was believed to have Small-pox. The Phillips home became a temporary hospital for Phillips and other persons having been exposed to the disease. Dr. Anthony was authorized by the council to
“procure vaccine matter” for vaccination of all those exposed. John Slocum was appointed as Superintendent of the hospital.