Valley Lodge Estates

When responding to a request for genealogy information from Ruth Gobielle, we mentioned in our response to her that we have a Gobielle Drive located in a subdivision of Richmond known as Valley Lodge Estates.  This neighborhood is in the northern part of town with the three main streets: Wood River Drive, Tall Timbers Drive, and Pine Shadows Drive; all running off KG Ranch Road.

Valley Lodge Estates was developed in the 1960’s.   At some point in time, the project was abandoned, the roads were no longer maintained and fell into disrepair.  This is evidenced  in a news article dated October 25, 1989 in the Westerly Sun titled: “Chief Concerned with Deplorable Road Conditions in Valley Lodge”.  


In 1990, this news article with photos, warned people to “Enter at their own risk.”


The roads remained  private until a few years later, when they were accepted into the Town of Richmond.   Before this could happen they were first improved, and paved,  according to specifications mandated by Richmond Public Works Director, Robert Kenyon. A taxing district was formed, by a legislative act, allowing a method to collect payment from the residents of the neighborhood for the road project.  The funding consisted of a loan from Washington Trust Bank.  Once the loan was paid off, the taxing district was dissolved; again by a legislative act.

Valley Lodge Road to acceptance

The following is the information we received from Ruth Gobielle:

“The Gobeille Drive you mention is in an area that was developed by my sister’s God Father Jack Foley, from Jamestown.   Other Streets there are named for family members, like Katie Penny Drive, named for Jack’s grand daughter.”