On October 13, 1939, seven friends and relatives formed the Meadow Brook Fish and Game Conservation Association for social and conservation purposes.  Other than the incorporation papers, and some correspondence with the State of Rhode Island, we have little knowledge of the activities of this group.



Also, in 1939, baseball fans in Shannock followed their local team, the Golden Guernseys:

Shannock Baseball Team

The date of this photo of the Shannock Team is unknown, but it appeared in 1944.

The Shannock Team


A town beach was located in the Wood River Junction part of Town at Meadow Brook Pond.  A life guard was also provided for the safety of the swimmers.



Richmond presently has five golf courses within it’s boundaries.   In 1969, a resourceful robin brought things to a halt at Meadowbrook Golf Course in Wyoming:



Car racing has been an issue in Richmond on a couple of occasions, but it never went beyond preliminary stages.

Race Track 1961

Dragway 1996