Youth Organizations

With the close proximity of both the Yawgoog Boy Scout Reservation and Camp Hoffman Girl Scout Camp, scouting has always been an important activity for both boys and girls in the area.  Both sides of the rivers host troops, packs, and dens.

In 1975, there were four girl scout troops in Richmond who combined for their fly-up ceremony:

Richmond Girl Scouts

In 1978 fifteen Brownies became Junior Girl Scouts in a crossing over ceremony:

Girl Scout Crossing Over 1978


4-H is a natural result of an agrarian culture, so in 1970 when the Richmond Rascals 4-H Club was organized, there were 30 boys and girls ready to participate. Our Archivist, Patricia Millar, was the both the organizer and leader of the group.

Not only did they tend to and show their animals, but in 1973, they sponsored a food booth at the Washington County Fair.

Richmond Rascals 4-H Club