Murder, Moonshine, and Mayhem

A news clipping, dated March 15, 1931, linked below, concerns the investigation of the murder of Della Brady by her husband, Richard.  Dr. Edward J. Knerr was the medical examiner  and Dr. J. W. Saunders, the coroner.  They were summoned by Sheriff Wilcox to examine the body.  The article goes on to report that when Constable Elmer A. Smith visited the Brady residence with a search warrant, he discovered a still along with moonshine.


Richmond presently has a full time police department, however for many years it was a part-time force.  At times there were only  one or two covered shifts.  A Rhode Island State Police Barracks is located within the Town and was often relied on for coverage.  Even so, in 1970 Richmond purchased its first police car.


In January, 1971, Neil Place, Sr., Deputy Chief, was appointed Richmond Chief of Police.  At that time, the position was part time.  In October, 1989, retired Warwick Police Detective, Ronald Carter, was sworn in as Richmond’s first full time police chief.

The Evolution of a Police Department

The 1970’s proved to be exciting at times, and occasionally not only local and State, but also federal law enforcement were called in for assistance:



On August 10, 1988, Joan B. Gilberti killed Dennis B. McConaghy with a shotgun.   Gilbert was charged with the crime in April, 1989, after a Grand Jury indictment.  The incident is described in a Westerly Sun article dated April 27, 1989: