Richmond: A Town of Many Villages

There is no postal zip code for the Town of Richmond, as is noted in this news article from 1972: no-zip-code-for-richmond

Instead, our identity is with the village where we reside.

Alton had a post office until 1973.  Since then it has been covered by a rural route covering all of Alton and Wood River Junction.   The zip code is 02894.

Alton Post Office Closing 1973

02812, is the zip code for the Carolina Post Office.  According to the guide to the records of the E. A. Kenyon Mill Store located in the Archives of the University of Rhode Island Library:

The general store in Carolina, Rhode Island, which also housed the post office and a grain outlet, was first established as a company store by the Carolina Mill Company circa 1837. Edwin A. Kenyon of E. A. Kenyon and Co. made two attempts at running the business. It is not known when he first bought the business from Carolina Mills. However, he sold the store and the post office back to the Carolina Mill Company in 1871 and bought them back again in the mid 1890s.

William McVay began operating the store in 1901 and was acting postmaster. In 1905 he became postmaster. His successors were Harold and Becky Burdick, who ran the store until it closed in 1951.

After 34 years of being postmaster in Carolina, Becky Burdick retired.   Unfortunately the date on the news article was torn, but it was probably in the mid-1970’s.

Becky Burdick

In June, 1990 Maureen Black became postmaster of the Carolina Post Office.

Maureen Black