The village of Carolina is shared between Richmond and the Town of Charlestown.  The Pawtuxet River is the divider.  The village grew around Carolina Mills.

We are fortunate to have in our possession two Carolina telephone directories (1934 and 1954), which  include Alton, Charlestown, Shannock, Wood River Junction, Cross Mills, Woodville, and Kenyon along with several other locations.   There are also instructions on use of dial service.

Carolina Telephone Exchange – 1934

Carolina RI Telephone Directory, 1954

Also in 1954, modern dial service was introduced.  A new, unattended modern dial office was constructed on Main Street.  This still remains the Carolina Central Office, which is now part of the Verizon system.

New Dial Telephone System for Carolina, 1954

James Skudder is listed as a cabinet maker in the 1954 directory. Besides making furniture, he and his wife, Vetta, owned and operated an antique business, which was located on Route 112, adjacent to their home.  In January, 1970, a fire completely destroyed the building where the business was located.  Later that year, the Scudders rebuilt on the same foundation, and the business flourished for many years.


North of Scudder’s located on Route 112 was Country Acres Bed & Breakfast.


The business changed hands several times over the years and is now a private residence.

Carolina is protected by a volunteer fire department.  As with the other local departments, it’s members have offered protection to the area, which includes Richmond  Elementary School and the Town Hall for many years.  In 1979, these were the officers:

Carolina Fire Company Officers 1979