Alton is located in the southwestern corner of the Town of Richmond.  A large mill building, now abandoned, is surrounded by homes whose architecture clearly identifies them as “mill houses”, or duplexes, which would have been owned by the mill company and leased to the employees.

A woolen mill, which burned down, was subsequently replaced by a lace works.  The lace works drew a number of people from England who were not only familiar with the making of lace, but also maintaining the machinery necessary to do so.

The village remains the same as pictured in the 1951 news article, with photos, which tells the story of some of the people employed by the Lace Works:


The Lace Works was eventually replaced by Charbert Industries.  Myrtle Avenue and Poplar Avenue, as seen on the above map were adjacent to the mill complex.  These were private roads owned by the mill.  In 1988 this was an issue because of lack of snow plowing.  Most recently the issues involved fresh water lines.

Private Roads in Alton