Businesses in Wyoming

One business not previously mentioned was a basket making shop.


The wagon in the background is full of baskets.  None of the people in the picture are identified.  Segar’s store (presently the Wood River Inn) appears to be in the background.


In  1902 a carriage factory operated by the  Niles Brothers burned down.  A year later they purchased the land where Brand’s Iron Works was once located and erected a new factory.


This was located at the Wyoming Dam and  operated  as an iron works and blacksmith shop.   Although portions of this news article are missing, enough of it remains, along with photos, to tell their story:



In 1968, the only thing that remained from the Dow Woolen Mill was the 60 foot high chimney.  This news article provides some information on the type of business conducted there and includes a photo of the leaning chimney.



Lace weaving was one of the prevalent industries in the area.  Ann Lace, Inc.  was an example of the craftsmanship required.  Tony Cekala, was the sole employee in 1993.  At that time he had been manufacturing and ruffling lace for 26 years.

Ann Lace Inc


In 1978, the Washington Trust Bank decided to expand and construct a new building on Route 138 in the commercial area of Wyoming.  The “Wyoming businesses expand” link shows an aerial photograph of the proposed location, along with a design of the exterior of the building.  Washington Trust truly became Wyoming’s “home town bank”, as it still remains at this location.

In 1979, to celebrate the opening of the branch, the original antique clock was moved from its old,  to the new location:

Washington Trust Clock


There was ground breaking in 1986 for a new A & P grocery store, which opened in 1987:


Additionally in 1995, Edwards Food Market, who purchased A & P, was planning to extend it’s Wyoming store.  In the 1978 photo, this is the large building pictured at the upper left corner of the proposed site of the bank.  The food store was expanded and  finally operated as Stop and Shop.  Since Stop and Shop built at a new location, the building has remained vacant.


Fleming’s Department Store was located in the same shopping center as Edwards in the buildings which formed a right angle to the grocery store.


Jim Fleming

Jim is pictured in 1987 responding to the question:”What does Decoration Day mean to me?”

Jim Fleming 1987

In 1990, Jim Fleming built a small shopping center:

Fleming’s new store


Fleming’s store was replaced in 1994 by Cost Plus, which eventually became Job Lot.

Cost Plus

Short lived, in the same area as Fleming’s strip mall, was the Fairgrounds Flea Market:   Fairgrounds Country Flea Market

Jim Fleming’s  “mall”  not only housed his store, but also several other smaller businesses in the early 1990’s:



As with Fleming’s, these shops have been substituted by other businesses.


Century 21 Moretti Homes


The Little Country Kitchen


Guys & Gals Hair Salon

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXA couple of miles east on Route 138 is a group of small businesses on the former site of the Meadowbrook Herb Gardens.  At one time, other than the small shop, the entire area consisted of greenhouses and gardens.  Often on a Saturday morning one could learn how to dry, cook with, or make an aromatic wreath from herbs grown there.

Meadowbrook Herb Gardens

Meadowbrook Herb Garden 1986


Continuing on Route 138, where it joins Route 112, you reach the Richmond Town Hall, or center of Town.   In 1986  the showroom for Auto Import Sales of Richmond was located here:

Auto Import Sales of Richmond

along with

Brad Smith Antiques


Continuing on Route 112  toward the Village of Carolina is another small set of stores.  Only a memory are:

Markhart's Flower ShopFinishing Touches