Canob Park and the Tainted Wells

Canob Park is a small residential neighborhood bordered by Route 138 on the south side and Route 3 on west side.  In 1970, residents of Canob Park started to complain about gasoline in their drinking water.

This continued through 1972, when residents approached the Richmond Town Council in an effort to seek assistance through the Mobil corporation.  A Mobil gasoline station, located at the intersection of Spring Green Drive and Route 138, was believed to be the source of the gasoline leak.

Water Contamination

In 1981 a leak was found in one of the Mobil station’s  underground tanks.  Finally in 1983 Mobil agreed to help fund a municipal water system, which was installed in 1985.

This system has been expanded, since then, to include the Village of Hope Valley in Hopkinton, and homes and businesses easterly  along Route 138 as far as the Richmond Elementary School.  An additional water tower was built near the school to help accommodate the increased use.