Usquapaugh is located in the southeastern portion of Richmond. Residents use  the West Kingstown zip code.  The Queen’s River runs through the village, forming a border between the Towns of Richmond and Charlestown.

In 1821, Dr.  Edwin Anthony (see Genealogy), was born there.   He lived his entire life in the village.

It is believed that William Lockwood, one of the founders of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, invented and manufactured the common pin, while residing in Usquepaugh.

Kenyon’s Grist Mill still operates on the Charlestown Side of the village.  Their specialty is stone ground corn meal used to make Johnny Cakes.  Recipes along with information on this local specialty can be found on their web site:

Records  located in the Archives of the State of Rhode Island date the original purchase in 1664:

Mumford’s Mills