West Kingstown

Many of the mills are gone and residents now commute to work in other locations, but Richmond was, and remains, an agrarian culture.  The crops have changed, but the farms remain.  Meadowburg is still a dairy farm.  Potatoes have been replaced by turf.   Some of the land was developed into “bedroom neighborhoods”.    Protecting open space, though, remains important.

One business that remains is John and Cindy’s Harvest Acre Farm.  This 1986 advertisement includes directions from a traffic rotary or more commonly called “a roundabout”.  The rotary has long been removed, but John and Cindy’s continue to supply fresh produce grown on the farm.

John and Cindy’s Harvest Acre Farm

Beaver River Road intersects with Rhode Island Route 138.  This photo, taken in 1980, shows resurfacing of the road near this intersection.

Route 138 Repaving

Josh Dumas still lives in the area and is a member of the Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire Department.

Much of  Route 138 located in West Kingtown was repaved.    The following shows an area located near Newman’s Egg Farm.   Although no longer operating as a farm, members of the Newman family still reside there and a sign for the farm can still be seen from the road.