Hillsdale Road intersects Rhode Island Route 138 at its southern end.   The deCoppett Estate (see Archives) is located on Hillsdale Road.  Land once farmed is now wooded, and several developments have sprung up.  Ponds, streams, and hiking trails intersect the landscape.

Hillsdale Mobile Home park is located on Gardner Road in the northern portion of the village.  In 1970 it was a small “trailer park” plagued with problems.


In 1972, park owner Louis Addessi fought a legal battle with the Richmond Town Council over the number of trailers legally allowed in the park.   Eventually the Rhode Island Superior Court issued an order to close down the park.

Hillsdale Trailer Park past expansion

By 1989 the park was under new ownership and had expanded to over 100 units.  It was also operating as an “adults only” community.

Hillsdale Trailer Park Problems over the Years

Over the years the trailers were replaced by “manufactured homes” and the park evolved into a resident owned, over 55,  community.  Homeowners in the rural trailer park pay monthly fees to cover maintenance such as snow removal, but the money could also be used for long term improvements to the community.  Problems continue to follow the residents of the park as, in 2016 the president, of the Hillsdale Mobile Home Park, was arrested for allegedly taking funds from the  Hillsdale Housing Cooperative.

Also located on Gardner Road is the Spring Hill Sugar House, owned and operated by Gibby Fountain and his family.  Every spring he gathers sap from local trees, which he converts to maple syrup and other “sugar products”.  In the fall there is cider and pumpkins.  The following articles and photos were from 1993, but the business continues to thrive.

Spring Hill Sugar House