CHarlestown, RIchmond, and HOpkinton in 1960 finally had a their own Junior and Senior High School.   We are fortunate to have in collection a narrative, with photos, showing the progression of the actual building of the school.  It spans the years 1959-1960, from clearing the site to completion of the project.


In 1962, they adopted a nickname, The Chargers, and a mascot:


In 1972, a vocational program was added to meet the needs of the community:


In 1973, the Towns decided to formally regionalize in order to meet the expanding needs at the elementary level:


By the 1980’s the Towns had outgrown the Junior-Senior High School and double sessions were in place.  Once again there was a proposal for further expansion of the buildings:


Buildings continued to be added and presently the campus contains a senior high school, junior high school, vocational school, and administration offices for the superintendent and staff.  Plans are under way for an additional building to house the special needs program.